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If you hadn’t gathered from my site name, my name’s Matt. I’m a network test engineer for a large network company (not Cisco). Basically I’m part of a team who test features that get added to our devices, make sure they work as intended, and try and break them (aka Quality Assurance).

-I’ve completed two Computer Networking Diplomas covering Microsoft Server Administration, and Cisco Network Aministration.
– Other than that, I’ve completed a Certificate in Systems Administration.
– In April 2012 I passed the Cisco CCNA 640-802 Exam.

I have a huge interest in technology and love getting a product and trying to modify it to do more than was originally intended 🙂

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    • If you need help with something I’ve written about, it’s probably best if you just comment on the post as if a solution is found it could be helpful information for anyone else who comes across the post. Otherwise, mattie47 at gmail.



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